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If your customers can’t find you,
selling is virtually impossible

In todays digital landscape, standing out and attracting potential customers can be challenging and costly.

The challenges of marketing

Marketing demands significant time, resources, and expertise which are not always available.

Managing multi-vendor sales

If you sell from multiple vendors it's hard to keep up with the latest and greatest content.

The risks of falling behind

If you struggle to keep up, you risk losing valuable customers, leading to a decline in revenue.


Imagine a scenario where new customers effortlessly reach out to you

With Channext, you gain access to a single platform that delivers all the campaigns you need directly to your customers. Say goodbye to the need for additional time and resources and join the 1000s of partners that went before you.


What other partners say about this program

This saves a lot of time and work

It’s very easy to share the most up-to-date and relevant information on our channels. We only have to indicate when we want to communicate.

Wladimir Sirre

Heuvelman Sound & Vision

Every partner should use this

The program helps me to share high quality content with my network without spending a lot of time on content creation.

Mark Mertens


I've never seen anything like this

Registration took only a few minutes. We only have to review the content and the platform does all the heavy lifting for us.

Hans-Jürgen Boekelder


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The registration takes less than 3 minutes. All costs are covered by FileWave.

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