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Join Click2Sync, the program that helps you go further with ClickShare

Grow your business and website traffic with automated ClickShare content

Do you struggle to create quality content for your website and social channels?
Do you lack the time, skills or ideas to continuously bring out content that generates traffic and leads?

Then Click2Sync program is the perfect fit for you.

Click2Sync is our new Barco program for all ClickShare Connect! partners, that offers an easy and automated way to publish engaging and ready-made ClickShare content on your website and social channels.

It’s free and completely painless, thanks to a simple syndication plug-in on your website.


What other partners say about this program

Wladimir Sirre

Heuvelman Sound & Vision

This saves a lot of time and work

It’s very easy to share the most up-to-date and relevant information on our channels. We only have to indicate when we want to communicate.

Mark Mertens


Every partner should use this

The program helps me to share high quality content with my network without spending a lot of time on content creation.

Hans-Jürgen Boekelder


I've never seen anything like this

Registration took only a few minutes. We only have to review the content, and the platform does all the heavy lifting for us.

How does it work?

Set up your Click2Sync account in 4 simple steps:


Start the account creation by filling in the form below, it will only take a minute.


Connect your social media profiles, setup the frequency of the posts and review the contents you want to display.


Let our support team reach out to help you install the plugin on your website.


You are all setup! Let your Click2Sync contents work for you. Activate your network and website with converting content.

Want to join? Register now!

It takes less than 10 minutes to onboard

You choose the content, you remain in control
ClickSync requires no more time-consuming, manual input work. It’s all automated and effortless
We make sure visitors land and remain on your site. There are no external links
The ClickShare content smoothly adapts to your website design and structure
Contents are centrally updated, no action needed to keep your website up to date